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Trick or Treat: Your essential guide to celebrating Halloween in Mosman, Cremorne and Neutral Bay.

Mosman Collective has put together a handy local guide for celebrating Halloween 2022.


This year’s Halloween falls on a Monday, which means local kids – and an inevitable influx of visitors – will be on several local streets to Trick or Treat.

Thankfully, for residents on certain popular streets, the weekday event means crowds will (hopefully) be kept local.

We won’t publish the names of the “best” Trick or Treat enclaves to visit in Mosman, Cremorne and Neutral Bay, but we will urge EVERYONE attending the celebration to do their bit and help Halloween hosts, by donating a jumbo bag of lollies.

And to keep the festivities under control, please consider the following guidelines to make Halloween in Mosman a fun, friendly, safe and low stress event for everyone!

NSW Health last year issued guidelines for Halloween, which are worth re-visiting ahead of the big day:

To keep Halloween celebrations outdoors, residents should Trick or Treat in front-yards rather than have an open-house event.

Mosman and the lower north shore “go big” when it comes to Trick or Treating, with several streets very popular for Sydneysiders.

“Keep it local and put effort into decorating the front yard, rather than focusing on well-known ‘treat streets’,” a NSW Health spokesperson said.

“Provide closed packaging for treats and instead of communal lolly bowls, consider other ways of distributing treats, like strewn along the front fence.

“And have hand sanitiser at the front gate.”

Lower north shore kids have embraced the Halloween tradition in recent years.

Halloween this years falls on a Monday.

For trick-or-treating, a supervising adult is advised to join children as a chaperone, instead of having groups of free-range kids moving about en-mass.

Older kids should be mindful of our littlies, and please – please – please REMEMBER YOUR MANNERS when visiting other people’s front yards. Residents in participating streets go to a massive effort in hosting this annual event. Saying “please” and “thank you” goes a long way!

Mosman streets are visited by parents and kids from all over Sydney each year.

A group of Mosman children photographed on a popular local street during Halloween.

For teens who’ve outgrown Trick or Treating, Luna Park is unleashing hell with Halloscream from 21 October to 31 October, with three horror mazes, an immersive horror-themes interactive attraction and of course, unlimited rides all night.

Please note this is not suitable for kids under 14.

Love it – or loathe it, Halloween is here – and we wish you all a fun, friendly and safe afternoon celebration!

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