Solar panels finally installed at Mosman’s Marie Bashir Sports Centre.

New PV solar panels have been installed on the main roof of the Marie Bashir Mosman Sports Centre, to reduce the centre’s greenhouse gas emissions significantly and improve its sustainability.

The 51kWpDC PV system will generate approximately 68,000kWh per year, and save 61.2t CO2 in greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated the upgrade will boost the centre’s solar electricity generation by 70%, and reduce electricity consumption by 27%.

A display screen inside the centre shows live data on the power being generated by the panels.

In making the decision to install new panels, an important consideration was that regulations and Australian Standards have evolved significantly over the past eight years since a first set of panels were installed, and components of the old system did not meet the Clean Energy Council’s certification criteria.

The new panels also have improved durability for all weather conditions.

To further improve sustainability the old PV solar panels and components were recycled by PV Industries.

“Currently nearly all solar panels are going to landfill in NSW and across Australia, so our goal is to provide a sustainable long term solution to stop this from happening,” said James Petesic, co-founder of PV Industries.

Aluminium racking was recycled through a metal recycling partner, and the panels and inverters were transported to PV Industries’ facility for future processing. Some panels were also sent to the University of New South Wales, for research and development on advancing PV end of life solutions and recycling technology.