Ooh La La! French chef Jon Trouillet celebrates truffle season at Bistro Mosman - with an exclusive dinner that you don't want to miss!

HEAD CHEF: Jon Trouillet has created a truffle degustation menu, set to delight diners at Bistro Mosman this week.

HEAD CHEF: Jon Trouillet has created a truffle degustation menu, set to delight diners at Bistro Mosman this week.



If there’s anyone who knows truffles, it’s French born chef Jon Trouillet.

Bistro Mosman’s Executive Chef has collaborated with truffle hunters Richard and Jane Austen, to host an extravagant degustation dinner, this Thursday, August 8th.

Known as the “diamonds of gastronomy”, truffles are recognised for their knobbly, brown appearance and strong aroma. “They really are the most incredible ingredient to work with,” Trouillet says, “and what they lack in looks, they more than make up for in flavour.”

HARTLEY TRUFFLES: Richard and Jane Austen.

HARTLEY TRUFFLES: Richard and Jane Austen.

The popularity of the truffle has sky-rocketed in the past few years, with growing numbers of Australian foodies falling in love with their earthy, full-bodied flavour.

“Chefs wait all year for the truffle to be harvested, so when you finally get your hands on some, it’s a real celebration,” Trouillet says.


“And this year we’ve decided to treat food lovers with an exclusive Bistro Mosman dinner, hosted by Richard and Jane Austen from Hartley Truffles.”

Hartley Truffles was founded by the Austen’s after a trip to south-western France, when they discovered the magic of the Black Perigord truffle.

Inspired by what they had learned, the pair decided to cultivate the precious, dark nuggets on their farm in the NSW Blue Mountains.

Truffle dinner Bistro Mosman

“Truffles are a flavour enhancer best served with eggs, mushrooms, chicken, pasta, potatoes, risotto, or Jerusalem artichokes,” Jane said.

“They have a great affinity for fats and starches which take on their exotic aroma.

“Jon Trouillet has created an incredible degustation and we are really looking forward to sharing a special night with Mosman locals.”

Truffle dinner Bistro Mosman
Truffle dinner Bistro Mosman
Truffle menu Bistro Mosman

The five-course tasting menu promises to take the earthy delicacy to the next level and includes truffled scrambled eggs, a cauliflower soup, Moreton Bay bug ravioli, Chicken roulade (with truffled mash potato) – and a truffle, chestnut and pear meringue sphere.

“Plus, I am making chocolate truffles to serve at the end of the night,” Trouillet says. 

“It is going to be a very extravagant, memorable evening.”

The Hartley Truffles Degustation Dinner is happening this Thursday, 8th August, at Bistro Mosman.

Five courses $150 p.p - or with matching wines $235 p.p.

Bookings: https://www.bistromosman.com.au/reservations