Police Warning: Mosman homes targeted in a spate of local break-and-enters. Are you at risk?

Senior Constable Jenni Brown and Senior Constable Michael Alexander in Mosman this week.

Senior Constable Jenni Brown and Senior Constable Michael Alexander in Mosman this week.



Police have warned of a spate of break-ins in the Mosman area.

Senior Constable Jenny Brown said numerous break-and-enters were reported to police last weekend, with local homes targeted in the evening hours, while residents were out “for just a few hours.”

VIGILANT: NSW Police warn residents to keep homes secure.

VIGILANT: NSW Police warn residents to keep homes secure.

“Some of the offences occurred after property owners had left their homes briefly, either to have a quick drink or dinner locally,” she said.

In Mosman, houses on Redan St, Belmont Rd and Beauty Point Rd were hit by thieves, who stole jewellery, designer handbags, cash and computers.

A home in Churchill Crescent, Cammeray, was also broken into between 6pm-10pm on Saturday, with passports, credit cards, cash, jewellery and watches taken.

“It’s a reminder for local residents to make sure their houses are secure at all times, even if you are just ducking out to the shops,” Senior Constable Brown said.

“People who leave the front door open, or the windows open, when they are leaving home for a short period of time are inviting opportunistic thieves into their premises. 

“By changing your security habits – and encouraging other members of the household to do the same – you will help deter an unlawful entry into your home.”

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Senior Constable Brown said thieves are looking for easily portable items, like laptops, phones and jewellery, that can be stolen “in just a few minutes”. 

“Break-and-enter offenders are often looking for high value possessions they can access quickly and easily.”

Comparison website finder.com.au recently explored how well Aussies protect their homes - and found one in four leave their front doors unlocked when they go out.

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Of the 9.9 million homes across the country, that equates to around 2.2 million unsecured properties that thieves can waltz straight into. 

“We did a nationally representative survey of more than 2000 Australians and found 23 per cent leave the front door unlocked — front doors, not the back door,” finder.com.au personal finance expert Kate Browne said.

Home Security report from NSW Police says that most instances of break-and-enter in the state could have been easily prevented.

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“A burglar only needs to see an open window or door to make a move,” Senior Constable Brown said.

“The best and most practical advice is to lock your doors and windows before you leave home, activate your security alarm, ensure the sensor lights are working – and keep valuables out of plain sight.”