Woolworths in Mosman? Local residents gather support to fight the supermarket giant. Are you in?

Woolworths coming to Mosman?


Growing numbers of Mosman residents are joining the fight against Woolworths plans for a retail outlet in the centre of the village.

The Mosman Village Community Group has hired PR firm Australian Public Affairs, to issue a media release accusing the supermarket giant of “trying to pull a Woolies over our eyes”. 

Is Woolworths coming to Mosman?

Since 2015, the retail chain has spent more than $18m on properties surrounding Mosman RSL, with plans for a large-scale, mixed-use development on Military Rd, between Belmont Rd and Gouldsbury St.

Reporter Matt Taylor uncovered Woolworths secret plans last year, following a major investigation published in the Mosman Daily.

“Woolworths went on a multi-million-dollar shopping spree in our village to buy six of eight sites along Military Rd,” Mosman Village Community spokesperson Jim Slavin said.

Is Woolworths coming to Mosman?

It’s believed the supermarket has begun a series of “selective focus groups” with locals and is set to host a number of public information sessions later in the year.

Mr. Slavin says the “sham” community consultation process is in direct response to Council’s draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS), which outlines a 20-year-vision for the suburb, that covers a number of actions - including the preservation of Mosman’s “village atmosphere”.

Is Woolworths coming to Mosman?

The LSPS could ultimately limit the size of shops on Military Rd, meaning Woolworths ambitious retail plan for Mosman could derail.

“Under the cover of ‘consultation’, they have begun a process that will ultimately conclude that everyone wants a shopping centre that will kill local business and increase traffic,” he said.

Woolworths in Mosman?

“Given their track record, we can only assume they have selected groups supportive of their proposal and will be reporting that to Council during the planning review.

“These techniques are designed by Woolworths to pull the wool over the eyes of the Mosman community.

“Woolworths is waging a war on Military Rd, at the expense of Mosman businesses and the feel of our local village.”

To view the draft Mosman LSPS and add your feedback, follow the Mosman Council link, here:


If you would like to join the Mosman Village Community movement and voice your concern about Woolworths, head here: