Latest News: Mosman foreshore parking permits go digital from July 1st. Have you applied?

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Local residents can avoid the queues at Council from next week, with the introduction of foreshore digital parking permits, managed through a new online system.

The move reflects the State Governments removal of rego stickers, with parking inspectors now checking licence plates against a virtual database instead of looking for a sticker on car windscreens. 

Foreshore Parking Permit prices - Mosman Council

The system, known as vPermit, means residents can organise their permits from home, and will no longer be required to display a council issued sticker on their vehicle.

Mosman Council’s foreshore parking scheme also allows a permit to be transferred to another vehicle up to four times a year - at no cost.

The change follows Council’s switch to digital for its residential parking scheme permits last year.

To get a digital foreshore parking permit for 2019/20 applicants must set up a vPermit account and activate the permit online at

A video guide on how to do this is available on Council’s website at 

Renewal of foreshore parking permits as digital permits for 2019/20 is due by Wednesday 31 July. 

For further enquiries contact Council on 9978 4000 between 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday or email