Police Beat: Local crime latest from the lower north shore.

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Durries. Darts. Gaspers. Cancer sticks. Whatever you call them, a major ciggie scam has left a local service station attendant out of puff, after an elaborate hoax almost netted $9,000 worth of smokes.

ciggie fraud cremorne

At 2:00am on Sunday 7th April, the employee of the Military Rd servo took a call from a woman who claimed to be its manager, saying a large supply of cigarettes were needed urgently, to stock another store location.

The woman directed the staff member to collect a range of tobacco brands and have them ready for pick up by a taxi driver.

The suspicious cabbie delivered the ciggie stash to south-west Sydney, but soon returned to the petrol station and informed the staff member of his concerns. Police are investigating the matter and would like to speak with anyone who may have information that could assist with enquiries.

‘FREE’ FAIL: Mosman 

The party is over for at least one 14-year-old local, who thought having a “free” at home seemed like a pretty good idea on Sunday night.

Corey Worthington

Police were called to a Bay St property shortly after 1:00am, when they say the gatho got a little out-of-hand.

“Upon arrival, Police were able to enter the property through an open front door and it was initially thought the home had been ransacked,” Constable Michael Alexander told Mosman Collective.

“Furniture and belongings were strewn all over the house.

“We then discovered a 14-year-old girl, who appeared to be suffering the effects of a big night of partying.”

house party mosman

The teenager’s parents were not at home at the time, having travelled to regional NSW with another child for a school sports event. 

Although they had arranged for their daughter to be “checked in on” by relatives, Constable Alexander said the girl had sent a snapchat about the ‘free’, which had subsequently spiralled out-of-control.

“The house was cleared of all remaining revellers and the young girl was left in the care of a neighbour,” Constable Alexander said.


Has Warringah Rd, located in one of Mosman’s blue-ribbon pockets, gone to pot?

keep off the grass

You might need to ask a 15-year-old local student for the answer.

At around 5:15pm on Thursday 11th April, the teen arranged to meet a male and a female on Warringah Road, for the purpose of allegedly supplying them with prohibited drugs.

The Mosman boy, accompanied by a friend, greeted the unknown pair before agreeing to walk to another location. Police say the boys were then approached by 7-8 males and assaulted, before fleeing home. 

“The local boy said he had been ‘jumped’ and while making their enquiries, police asked the boy if his attackers had touched any of his property,” Constable Michael Alexander said.

The teen then took police to his bedroom, to produce an enviro bag he said the offenders had attempted to steal.

“It was at this point that police observed a large number of plastic bags on the boy’s desk, containing a green vegetable substance they allege to be cannabis.”

Clearly, it’s no laughing matter.

The boy was arrested and taken to Chatswood Police Station. He is expected to be dealt with under the Young Offenders Act.


A Gumtree advertisement for the $20,000 sale of a boat and trailer has one local resident in hot water, after it was discovered the seller was not the vessel’s legitimate owner. 

Police say a local man saw the online ad on Thursday, 10th April. The boat was listed in the “For Sale” section and described as being located in Mosman. The prospective buyer thought it looked like a good deal and contacted the seller, before arranging an inspection the next day.

The man, a resident of Bay St, texted the local seller and was encouraged to bank transfer $2000 immediately, to secure the boat and trailer. Upon inspection, suspicions were raised about the legitimate owner, and after making enquiries, it was discovered the boat was owned by a local marine research organisation – and not for sale. Enquiries are continuing.


Shortly after midnight Friday 12th April, police were patrolling Military Rd, Cremorne, when they spotted a silver Audi sedan, travelling east with no headlights on.

Police attempted to stop and speak with the driver, but the Audi refused to stop, accelerating through the work zone along the closed section of the road.

Police gave chase and the vehicle turned onto Cabramatta Road, continuing through several back streets at speeds of 100km/h, before officers terminated the pursuit after safety concerns for other road users.

Enquiries are continuing.