Exclusive: Influencer Sammy Robinson reveals some BIG news ahead of Paris Fashion Week!

Sammy Robinson




There is no doubting that Sammy Robinson is genetically blessed. Standing just shy of six feet, the 22-year-old is naturally long and lean, with perfectly sun-kissed skin, beachy blonde hair, and a pair of dancing, ocean blue eyes that seem to sparkle when she speaks.

sammy robinson

With 600,000 followers on Instagram and even more on YouTube, it’s easy to see why she’s idolised by millennials all over the world, who regularly tune in to her real-life vlogs and beauty tutorials.

“I still can’t believe how many people follow what I do,” she tells me, “the numbers are completely overwhelming.”

Overwhelming is an understatement.

Since her YouTube launch in 2015, Sammy has clocked up an eye-watering 51 million views and is considered one of Australia’s most powerful influencers.

But despite a full-time career travelling the globe with iconic fashion brands, our very own Sammy Robinson remains authentic, down-to-earth, and a home town girl at heart.

Sammy Robinson
sammy robinson

ANNA: I can’t believe we’ve finally managed sit down for a chat Sam. You haven’t stopped this year, have you?

SAMMY: It’s been crazy Anna, I’m working harder than ever before but I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life right now. Being presented with these incredible opportunities is beyond a dream-come-true.

Sammy Robinson’s first paid job? Behind the bar at The Buena in Mosman.

Sammy Robinson’s first paid job? Behind the bar at The Buena in Mosman.

ANNA: It’s a long way from pulling beers at The Buena!

SAMMY: Ha! Yep, those days have gone. That was my first paid job after my HSC and I still pop-in for a drink with my mates when I come home to Mosman.

ANNA: Did you have any other casual jobs before you were famous?

SAMMY: I had heaps of after-school jobs when I was younger, like doing the paper run, babysitting and even coaching basketball! Everyone in our family has a pretty strong work ethic.

Sam with sisters Jess (L) and Katie (R)

Sam with sisters Jess (L) and Katie (R)

Meet the Robinsons: (L-R) Pat, Jess, Sam, Katie, Mandy and Daniel.

Meet the Robinsons: (L-R) Pat, Jess, Sam, Katie, Mandy and Daniel.

ANNA: Do you spend much time in Mosman these days?

SAMMY: When I’m not working, I’m always at home with my family and my friends. You’ll find me down at Balmoral - or walking the dogs to Clifton Gardens.

Sammy loves brekkie and the Boathouse.

Sammy loves brekkie and the Boathouse.

ANNA: Do you have a favourite café in Mosman?

SAMMY: There’s so many good ones, but I can’t go past the Balmoral Boathouse … love it there any time of year. 

ANNA: What’s your regular order?

SAMMY: Avocado toast, two poached eggs and an almond latte.

ANNA: You’ve got some massive news to share with us Sam, so spill the beans!

SAMMY: Well I’m not pregnant … I’m not getting married … but I AM about to work with Tommy Hilfiger! It’s kind of a big deal and I’m off to Paris Fashion Week with them, for the #TommyNow fashion show, then back for the Tommy Hilfiger launch in Mosman next month.

ANNA: Why do you reckon Tommy Hilfiger chose Mosman as the location for its flagship Australian store?

Sam bares that famous midriff at DJ’s S/S 2018 launch. Image: Getty.

Sam bares that famous midriff at DJ’s S/S 2018 launch. Image: Getty.

SAMMY: The brand is already in Sydney, but Tommy recognised that Mosman has a great shopping strip, the locals have an obvious sense of style – and we like to wear great clothes. It’s actually a very ‘Mosman’ brand that mixes classic with edgy and it never goes out of style.

ANNA: The last time you wore Tommy Hilfiger you almost blew up the internet didn’t you?!

SAMMY: That’s a crack up! I was invited to the David Jones Spring/Summer launch and I was wearing this cream, ball gown skirt with a singlet top, but at the last minute I changed my mind and went with a Tommy Hilfiger top to make it a bit different. The rest as they say, is history!

ANNA: Do you shop in Mosman?

SAMMY: The stores here seem to keep getting better and better. We have such a friendly, neighbourhood village and I think it’s a big reason why people love to visit. When I’m in town I always go to Fresh Blend, who do the BEST acai bowl in Sydney, KX Pilates and the Post Office (for my online packages!!)

ANNA: If you had to choose one favourite local shop what would it be?

Mosman Chookas: Good enough for Bieber - and Sammy!

Mosman Chookas: Good enough for Bieber - and Sammy!

SAMMY: Chookas. Hands down.

ANNA: What’s your vice?

SAMMY: Chookas. Closely followed by chocolate!

ANNA: The best thing about Mosman is …

SAMMY: I’ve lived in Mosman for 20 of my 22 years and I love everything about it; the beach, the walks, the parks, the cafes, the community, the village – and especially my friends and family. Mosman has always been incredibly supportive of me and I am so grateful to call this place home. There is nowhere in the world that compares.

ANNA: Thanks so much Sam – we’re really forward to seeing what you wear to the Hilfiger grand opening in Mosman! 

SAMMY: I’m working on it now Anna. Stay tuned!