Eerie sea fog blankets Mosman in 29 degree heat - but there is a simple explanation!

EXCLUSIVE : Image by Mosman Collective’s Haig Gilchrist.

EXCLUSIVE : Image by Mosman Collective’s Haig Gilchrist.



Moist air and warm water are the cause of Mosman’s rare “pea-souper” fog, that swept into town at midday on Monday.

It brought reduced visibility along local beaches, before light winds pushed the mist out to sea.

By mid-afternoon, the fog had rolled across Sydney’s coastline, from the northern beaches all the way down to the Royal National Park in the city’s outer southern suburbs.

The Bureau of Meterology reports there was a simple explanation for the weather phenomenon, with forecaster David Wilkie saying the fog was associated with a weak southerly change and humid air.

“In Sydney, we’ve had some very humid days over the last week or so,” Mr Wilkie said.

“Typically, those kind of conditions we see more regularly in February .. this period of increased fog is a little early in the season.”