Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mosman Collective!

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It's been a big year for us here at Mosman Collective. And as 2017 comes to a close, its a time for us to celebrate and reflect on the many things we are grateful for.

We are delighted that our readership and followers continue to grow by the day. Our unique way of story telling has resonated with many of you - and for that we are thankful. 

On a personal note, I feel incredibly blessed to have a loyal cheer squad of amazing friends and family behind me - some of whom have been kind enough to share their Christmas messages with you below. 

At this time of year, we are reminded of how absolutely brilliant the local community of Mosman is. You don't have to look far to see examples of kindness, generosity, and service from countless residents who continue to give more than they take, especially when it comes to those less fortunate. 

These last few days before Christmas are always hectic - and amid the shopping, the wrapping, the baking, the meal prepping and the travelling - we sincerely hope that your holiday is a merry one. May 2018 be filled with health, happiness and lots of love. 

Anna x

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Rick and Sarah Stein


"In spite of the absence of snow, ice and real red berries in holly bushes, there is something enchanting about Christmas in Mosman.  

Prince Albert Street with it’s over-the-top Yuletide lights, creates exactly the same festive feeling as deep mid-Winter in London."

RICK'S RESOLUTION: To encourage Sas to have 10 minutes quiet time each day!

SAS'S RESOLUTION: To persuade my husband not to pour half of Balmoral’s sand from his Timberlands into the kitchen sink!

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Paul Murray



"All the best for a huge 2018. I hope it’s everything you want it to be - and if it looks like a tough one, never doubt how many people love you. I want to reply to every email I get from viewers. I’ve been very slack and I’m getting a typewriter to punch out more personalised thank you notes.

Our family has no big plans for summer, just fish and chips at Balmoral and lots of swims at Chinamans."

RESOLUTION: In the age of text, I want kindness to be a bit more tangible.


Jessica Rowe


"I cannot wait to kiss 2017 goodbye!

It has been a topsy turvy year for many people that I love, and I wish only good times ahead for them (and us!) now."

RESOLUTION: More love, joy and compassion!


Tony Abbott

"To all members of Mosman Collective - Happy Christmas, Happy New Year.

May 2018 be a better year for all of us. Every year I try to make a resolution and nearly every year it’s the same; count your blessings.

We have a tendency to dwell on our problems. I think what we should do this year and every year, is dwell on our opportunities, particularly in a wonderful area like Mosman.

Our opportunities are endless and we must make the most of them."


Steve Liebmann



"I cannot think of a better place to spend the holidays than our home suburb of these past 38 years. Mosman, we love you!

Wishing everyone in our community a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2018."

RESOLUTION: To stay healthy, travel more with Di, see more of our grandchildren - and play more & better tennis!


Amber Sherlock



"As a newsreader, I have to cover the most awful and tragic of stories. We see people at their worst, but also people at their best. The Australian spirit of lending a hand and reaching out in times of need is well and truly alive.

I hope in 2018 our community don't need any sad events to bring us together. I read an article recently that said close relationships with friends, family and community is one of the greatest indicators of happiness, so here's to a happy 2018!

RESOLUTION: To make the little moments count! 


Mark Beretta


"Summer in Mosman is just the best and it's a great time to enjoy this beautiful patch of the world.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and spectacular 2018!"

RESOLUTION: To swap a beer for a salad twice a week!


Matt de Groot

NOVA 96.9

"A very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all the Mosman residents. May your stockings be filled with shiny new Range Rovers, your glasses filled with never ending rivers of 1992 vintage Dom Perignon, and an overpass finally be built over Cremorne. 

RESOLUTION: I'm hoping for another year of warmth, family, love and professional success.



Anna Usher


"It has been such a big year for our family and we are very much looking forward to Christmas at home with our loved ones, a few cherished days away - and lots of time spent at the beach.

Having the opportunity to give back to our community through Mosman Collective has been a real highlight for me this year - and the support from our growing group of friends and followers makes everything worthwhile!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and successful 2018."

RESOLUTION: To live a little louder, shine a little brighter and make every single day count. 

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Ben Dobbin


"I love having a family Christmas in Mosman.

This year we are heading down from Brisbane and the day will be spent with my kids and family in Rickard Ave.

We'll wake up, have an early swim at Balmoral, followed by a day of laughs.

Mosman to me is home, I only get there a couple of times a year, but it's home and I just love it."

RESOLUTION: To be a better listener!

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Jacinta Tynan


"Wishing all the good people of Mosman a happy and festive Christmas with their loved ones - and here’s to a prosperous and fulfilling 2018.

For my two boys, Christmas means license to devour the gingerbread house we've made - and there's much excitement about Santa’s visit, who may or may not bring surfboards!

We’ll watch The Polar Express movie, gearing up to experience the real thing, because a few days after Christmas, we’re off to take a trip on it, in Flagstaff, Arizona! 

RESOLUTION: To live more in the present -appreciating the little moments, and to remember to live in love not fear.