Mosman Drinks: Cocktail of the Week

Image: Graham Monro/ gmphotographics

Image: Graham Monro/gmphotographics


By Anna Usher

Photography: Graham Monro


Here at Mosman Collective - we seriously LOVE a good cocktail. And with that in mind, we've joined forces with some of our brilliant local bars, to bring you our brand new, super dooper, crazy initiative called (wait for it .......)


Each Friday, we'll bring you a delicious recipe to get the weekend started in style. From the old fashioned classics, to tantalising, new era tipples - we promise to deliver something fresh and exciting to drink either at home - or on licensed premises.

Our thanks go to Victor Delebarre from The Hunter Wine Bar this week, for his clever creation inspired by the warmer weather and a day spent at Balmoral Beach!

Let us know what you think!

Image: Graham Monro/ gmphotographics

Image: Graham Monro/gmphotographics



45ml Vanilla vodka

30ml Passionfruit pulp

30ml Apple juice

15ml Caramel liquor

10ml Sugar syrup

15ml Egg white

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill a shaker half way with ice. Pour cocktail mixture into the shaker and mix until chilled. Strain though a coupe and pour into a small, stemmed glass. Garnish with dried fruit of your choice (The Hunter use dehydrated lime).

The Crime of Passion cocktail is available at The Hunter for one week only (until Fri Nov 10) 

Regular price: $18 

Mention Mosman Collective (make sure you've subscribed!) and its just $15!


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